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What is a Bitcoin node and why to Run?

A Bitcoin node is a computer that runs the Bitcoin software. Your node is your own version of the Bitcoin blockchain and rule set. Think of it as your own gateway to the Bitcoin ecosystem. It broadcasts transactions, verifies the bitcoin you receive are legitimate and maintains your privacy by allowing you to participate without reliance on anyone. When you connect your wallet to your node, you are not trusting anyone else to verify your transactions.

A node helps to protect you from bad actors and it also keeps the network decentralized. If you do not have your own, you are trusting in someone else’s node to tell you how much bitcoin you have and to broadcast/receive your transactions for you. To learn more about Bitcoin, there is a collection of Bitcoin resources by BitcoinQ+A.

Don’t trust, Verify ! Validate transactions on your own Machine!
What is The Bitcoin Machine ?

Bitcoin Machine is a fully loaded device with Bitcoin Ticker aka Machine Face. When we say fully loaded , we mean it!. You can run bitcoin full node and lightning node of your choice on this Machine. Bitcoin Machine comes in variety of combinations with attractive colors. To make it affordable to Bitcoin network supporters, we kept the price as low as possible.