1 . Open the casing and unscrew the heatsink.

2 . Unscrew the M09 SATA Expansion Board

3. Flip the SATA Expansion Board

4 . Insert HDD/SSD to the SATA Expansion Board

5. Use the SSD mounting screws to mount the SSD.

6. Mount the SATA Expansion board into the Enclosure

7. Place the Raspberry Pi 4 matching the Standoff. (Make sure MicroSD card is inserted into Raspberry Pi)

8. Peel off protective sticker from the thermal tape.

9. Place the Heatsink over the Raspberry Pi and screw to the standoff.

10. Connect the Pi-TFT 40 Pin PCB to the Raspberry Pi 40 Pin GPIO connector.

11 . Connect the 2 Pin Power Connector to the M09 SATA Expansion Board.

12 . Connect the LCD Ribbon cable to Pi-TFT 40 Pin connector.

13. Connect Raspberry Pi and SATA expansion board using Male-Male USB connector.

14. Connect Raspberry Pi official Power supply

15 . Power On.

Setup LCD

Follow the below link to setup LCD