Setup video by Blue Moon

1 . Open the casing and unscrew the heatsink.

2 . Unscrew the M09 SATA Expansion Board

3. Flip the SATA Expansion Board

4 . Insert HDD/SSD to the SATA Expansion Board

5. Use the SSD mounting screws to mount the SSD.

6. Mount the SATA Expansion board into the Enclosure

7. Place the Raspberry Pi 4 matching the Standoff.

8. Peel off protective sticker from the thermal tape.

9. Place the Heatsink over the Raspberry Pi and screw to the standoff.

10. Connect the Pi-TFT 40 Pin PCB to the Raspberry Pi 40 Pin GPIO connector.

11 . Connect the 2 Pin Power Connector to the M09 SATA Expansion Board.

12 . Connect the LCD Ribbon cable to Pi-TFT 40 Pin connector.

13. Connect Raspberry Pi and SATA expansion board using Male-Male USB connector.

14. Connect Raspberry Pi official Power supply

15 . Power On.

Setup LCD

Follow the below link to setup LCD