Whats New in TBM LCD version 0.5

  • A newer version of ST7735 library
  • All API requests through Tor
  • Mempool infö from your node if mempool app is installed
  • Bitcoin network information screen
  • Payment channels information screen
  • Disk storage information screen

How to Install TBM LCD v 0.5

ssh into your node using Putty or Terminal

If upgrading from previous version, remove old files using the below command. ( for New device setup skip this command)

sudo rm -rf TBM

Clone the TBM repository

git clone https://github.com/doidotech/TBM.git
cd TBM/TBMLCD-v0.5
sudo chmod +x lcdServiceSelector.sh
sudo ./lcdServiceSelector.sh

Enter the number based on what node you Run

Screen selection Menu

Currency selection

You can find the supported currency codes from this list: Currency Codes


To complete the LCD setup, Reboot the machine from your Node dashboard.

After Reboot, the LCD should be UP and Running with Bitcoin Dashboard.